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The number one responsibility of the Governor of California is to ensure that the citizens of California are safe, so that they can engage in their day-to-day activities without fear of physical harm. Governor Newsom has failed miserably at this most sacred of Gubernatorial responsibilities, and the ramifications for the state have been catastrophic. Major cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles are on the verge of lawlessness, due in large part to the homeless crisis in these cities that have allowed criminals, drug addicts, and the mentally ill to take over entire neighborhoods, and in countless other cities and urban cores around the state, addicts and mentally ill are defecating and shooting up in plain sight. It is time to call the situation what it is – a Safety, Health, and Environmental Disaster. This disaster can be traced directly back to recent policies and several high-profile measures that have released thousands of criminals from jail (AB 109) and decreased penalties for career criminals (Propositions 47 & 57), effectively incentivizing lawlessness.

Recent court opinions (Jones v. the city of Los Angeles), ballot measures, and ill-conceived legislation that have tied the hands of law enforcement have only exacerbated this disaster.

Collins Solutions

Career politicians have failed to protect the people of California. As governor, I will fight to restore the California Dream, making our communities a safer and more prosperous place to live.

  • I would veto any bills that increase penalties on otherwise law-abiding citizens. I would tie state funding to police programs that are working and hold the line on releasing inmates into our communities without rehabilitation.
  • I will equip our law enforcement officers to do their job in a professional and safe manner; without restraining their ability to maintain peace, while also enforcing the law and protecting victims.
  • I support the recall of district attorneys who refuse to prosecute those that violate our persons and property.