Healthcare Healthcare

Every Californian should have access to affordable and quality healthcare that is focused on the life of the individual, and not arbitrarily determined by one-size-fits-all insurance premiums. A California run single-payer healthcare model, like the one recently voted on in the California Assembly, would only push us further from our goal of affordable and quality healthcare for all. As a member of the U.S. Navy, I have personally experienced the inefficiencies and inadequacies of a government-run healthcare program. Under a California run single-payer model, California would assume a $400 billion dollar a year system that would virtually eliminate everyone’s insurance plan, leaving doctors to ration care and provide services in a manner that is comparable to what most Californians experience at the DMV.

Collins Solution

Acknowledging that there are exceptional issues that prevent a healthy life for some people, the state’s healthcare policy should incentivize preventative care to alleviate the financial burden that is imposed on the healthcare system by ailments that are often foreseeable and preventable. In conjunction with a policy that promotes preventative care, data and technology should be utilized to personalize healthcare plans for Californians, rather than forcing employers and families to choose from one-size-fits-all policies that do not take into account the unique circumstances of their situation. Allowing companies to experiment with creating their own healthcare plans while prioritizing proactive healthcare measures will help avoid bureaucracy, cut government excess, and put money back into the pocket of hardworking Californians.

  • Provide employers with more flexibility over how they provide healthcare for their employees. Telemedicine has made major advances and we should do all we can to make it more available.
  • Additionally, we should incentivize decoupling healthcare from employers, allowing individuals to obtain medical coverage directly from an insurance pool or a co-op. Such an option will provide a broader healthcare market and allow people to control their plans, procedures, and prices.