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California has a long history of being a world leader when it comes to technology and innovation, but its leadership position is in jeopardy due to the current state of California’s K-12 education. Over the last several decades, our public schools have been taken over by special interests producing an outdated, insufficient, and very expensive public education system that is failing our children. Despite spending more on a vast state education bureaucracy than most states spend on education in total – $119 billion for all K-12 education programs at $15,261 per pupil – the National Assessment of Educational Progress consistently ranks California in the bottom tier of academic achievement (currently 45th), which is well below the national average.

Collins Solution

We need an innovative education model that prepares our kids for a creative and dynamic future that will be characterized by constant and rapid advances in technology, rather than remaining subservient to an education model that was built a half century ago and was designed to create employees for an industrial economy. It’s time to put our kids first and fund students, not systems and brick buildings.

The California constitution promises a free public education to all 6.6 million kids in our state, but as we have seen through recent court rulings, our public schools are not required to make the education high-quality. As governor, I will ensure all of California’s kids receive a high-quality education that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in a manner that prepares them for jobs in a future where cars and airplanes operate autonomously, space travel is the norm, and artificial intelligence is utilized to enhance every aspect of the human experience.

As governor, I am also in favor of providing more choice to parents in their children’s educational options, including:

  • Creating a Parents Bill of Rights that allows them to know curriculum details, have input on social and religious issues that are part of the curriculum and protect the privacy and medical rights of the student with informed parental consent.
  • Reducing barriers for students transferring to other schools in and out of their local district.
  • Removing the cap on charter school funds in the state budget.
  • Allowing state education funds (Proposition 98) to follow the child to an accredited school through an education savings account that can be used for tuition and other eligible education expenses including books, school supplies, and tutoring.
  • Restoring opt-in provisions for explicit material, allowing for age-appropriate instruction that provides basic physiological/biological/hygienic information.
  • Ending the divisive curriculum taught under Critical Race Theory.
  • Empower local school districts in terms of curriculum, vocational education, and discipline programs that reflect their community’s values.

For those that are reasonably happy with their neighborhood public school and want to stay, my administration will make sure to assist with special educational needs, ensure that school construction is held to the highest standards, and ensure that funding is equitably appropriated and accountable to local oversight committees of concerned citizens.