In times of crisis, there is nothing more important than bold and steadfast leadership. Governor Newsom has lacked both qualities throughout the pandemic, which is why California has lingered in a perpetual state of uncertainty, while other states have flourished. The COVID-19 pandemic rightly caused great concern in the world of public health at the beginning of 2020, but as the science evolved on the most effective ways to combat the virus, Governor Newsom’s policies should have evolved as well, so that Californians could return to some version of normal as soon as possible. Instead of bold and steadfast leadership, Governor Newsom has repeatedly chosen to implement policies that lack scientific rigor and consistency, as evidenced by his failure to personally adhere to these policies (i.e., French Laundry and the NFC Championship football game). These unfounded policies have destroyed small businesses, severely impacted the educational development of our children, promoted fear, and divided our state like never before.

Collins Solution

I trust Californians to make the right decisions for their families, according to the best scientific information they have available to them. My administration will never use fear to control the levers of the economy or keep schools closed, and instead will focus on making sure that Californians have access to the most up to date scientific information on the virus so that they can plan their professional and personal lives accordingly.

  • Upon taking the oath of office, I would immediately end the state of emergency and demand that the legislature does their job and gets back to the work their constituents demand of them. I would direct the Department of Finance to partner with the Legislative Analyst Office, while using the many reports done by the State Auditor, for a high-level review of every pandemic related program, contract and expenditure, and present a budget that reflects an aggressive approach to closing every unwise and illegitimate deal made by the governor.
  • Additionally, I would assemble a team of trusted public health experts, health care workers, business and education leaders, and put forward common sense alternatives that keep Californians healthy and safe while also allowing them to maintain a sense of normalcy in their day-to-day lives.
  • Our children are not pawns. Either they need to return to school without being forced to cover their faces, or families should receive the resources they need to send their children to a school of their choice. Schools should be open according to schedule and timelines they had in place for decades before the pandemic began. While keeping schools open will help our children recover from years of learning loss and mental abuse, this will also allow for many parents who can’t work from home to get back into the workforce and provide for their families with some dignity.

It’s time to restore individual liberty all while being mindful of the elderly, those with chronic illnesses and other comorbidities.