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California was once the state where people from all over the world came to pursue their dreams, but as its Golden luster fades, people are leaving in droves. We pay some of the highest taxes in the nation on income and gasoline, yet public services and infrastructure are considered among the worst. Government regulation has increased the cost of food, transportation and housing. Fewer Californians can find affordable housing to rent, let alone to buy a home. Despite so much growth and its status as the fifth highest GDP in the world, innovators are increasingly leaving California, moving to states that are more friendly to their business and family. It’s time for California to lead once again and empower its people for a brighter future.

Collins Solution

California ranks 50th in terms of upward mobility. It’s time to restore the golden standard and uplift working families.

  • To avoid having CEO Magazine rank California as the worst state to do business for 18 years straight, we need to put a hold on any new laws, regulations and taxes, and require a full review of the legal barriers that are inducing businesses to move. We need to partner with the business community instead of treating them like cash cows for state revenue.
  • Housing needs to be addressed on multiple levels. Our cities need to stop blocking developments that have obeyed all the rules and only require ministerial approval. We need to reduce the aggressive veto power that regional government agencies, like the Coastal Commission, have over land use decisions. It’s time to reform the California Environmental Quality Act to reduce lawsuits used to stall or bankrupt housing projects.
  • Further, we need to continue building programs for young families – our kids – to stay and live in California, which is not all that different from the experience I had through a Veteran Affairs loan to get my first home. As families gain access to the American Dream by owning a home, they can become more stable participants in the decisions that make our communities vibrant and special.