Shawn Collins Outlines Solutions for California

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April 6, 2022 — TRABUCO CANYON, CA – Today, Shawn Collins outlined his priorities and solutions for California. Under its current leadership, California is failing on every single big issue. California has the worst homeless crisis in America. Our cities are overrun with crime and drug addiction, and our schools have fallen to some of the lowest in the nation. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

“I love California, and know the state is worth fighting for,” said Collins. “Our current Administration has done enough to kill the California dream, and it’s time to reverse course and empower the people for a brighter future.”

Collins has identified the following solutions to the myriad issues impacting California.


The number one responsibility of the Governor of California is to ensure that the citizens of California are safe, so that they can engage in their day-to-day activities without fear of physical harm. Governor Newsom has failed miserably at this most sacred of Gubernatorial responsibilities, and the ramifications for the state have been catastrophic.

As governor, Collins will fight to restore the California Dream, making our communities a safer and more prosperous place to live.

  • Collins will veto any bills that increase penalties on otherwise law-abiding citizens. He will tie state funding to police programs that are working and hold the line on releasing inmates into our communities without rehabilitation.
  • Collins will equip our law enforcement officers to do their job in a professional and safe manner; without restraining their ability to maintain peace, while also enforcing the law and protecting victims.
  • Collins supports the recall of district attorneys who refuse to prosecute those that violate our persons and property.


California has a long history of being a world leader when it comes to technology and innovation, but its leadership position is in jeopardy due to the current state of California’s K-12 education. Over the last several decades, our public schools have been taken over by special interests producing an outdated, insufficient, and very expensive public education system that is failing our children.

As governor, Collins is in favor of providing more choice to parents in their children’s educational options, including:

  • Creating a Parents Bill of Rights that allows them to know curriculum details, have input on social and religious issues that are part of the curriculum and protect the privacy and medical rights of the student with informed parental consent.
  • Reducing barriers for students transferring to other schools in and out of their local district.
  • Removing the cap on charter school funds in the state budget.
  • Allowing state education funds (Proposition 98) to follow the child to an accredited school through an education savings account that can be used for tuition and other eligible education expenses including books, school supplies, and tutoring.
  • Restoring opt-in provisions for explicit material, allowing for age-appropriate instruction that provides basic physiological/biological/hygienic information.
  • Ending the divisive curriculum taught under Critical Race Theory.
  • Empower local school districts in terms of curriculum, vocational education, and discipline programs that reflect their community’s values.


For us to solve California’s homelessness problem, we first must start viewing our homeless brethren as fellow Californians and care for them with the same common-sense compassion and understanding that we would care for our own family members.

As an initial matter, California must distinguish between the people who have fallen into homelessness due to a lost job or other catastrophic event (the “have nots”), those who are homeless due to addiction or mental illness (the “can nots”), and those who are resistant to any help when it is judiciously provided to them (the “will nots”). Much of our chronically homeless population (roughly 60%) are the “can nots” and the “will nots”, who are suffering from addiction and mental health issues, and for far too long, California has tried to help addicts and the mentally ill with a housing first policy that simply puts them in a motel without addressing their mental health or drug addictions.

  • It’s time to fix the mental health laws that cleared out our mental hospitals fifty years ago and put tens of thousands of people on the streets, effectively transforming our jails into mental health centers. Collins will demand that the legislature put forward serious reform of the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act (LPS Act) and require any county that receives mental health funds for housing to adopt Laura’s Law, so that treatment is an option before involuntary commitment is required.
  • Collins supports the removal of any restrictions that throttle the ability of shelters, non-profits and churches to house individuals and families using strict guidelines, requirements and programs that have a proven track record.

The complete list of Collins’ priorities and solutions can be accessed here.

As Governor, Collins will fight every day to build a California we can be proud of. He lives in Trabuco Canyon with his wife, Zeina, and their four children. He is an attorney and active member of the legal community in Orange County. He coaches his children’s basketball and baseball teams and is a former D-1 athlete.

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