Newsom Has Cultivated a Culture of Lawlessness in California

Media Contact: Lilly Altree

TRABUCO CANYON, CA – Gang shootout steps from the California Capitol.  Smash-and-Grabs throughout the state’s shopping centers.  Homelessness and blatant drug use driving major retailers out of San Francisco.  Armed robberies have become so prevalent in Los Angeles County that the Los Angeles Sheriff had to advise residents to avoid wearing jewelry and driving their expensive cars.  This culture of lawlessness is the direct result of the Democrats’ soft-on-crime approach to law enforcement, which has removed accountability from our criminal justice system and empowered criminals to terrorize our communities.   

“As governor, I will fight to bring back the Golden State and restore the California Dream, making our communities a safer and more prosperous place to live,” said Shawn Collins.  “For far too long, the plight of low income and minority communities has gone unaddressed by California’s liberal elite.  Now that it’s spilling into their wealthier, more affluent neighborhoods it is finally getting the attention that it deserves.  We can no longer sit back and tolerate a soft on crime approach while our cities are overrun with violence, crime, and illegal drug use.”

During his tenure, Governor Gavin Newsom has cultivated a culture of lawlessness in California through his soft on crime approach.  It’s time to put an end to liberal policies that decriminalize crime, and prematurely return hardened criminals to the streets.  These policies and the defund the police movement have resulted in the loss of innocent lives, and have led to hardworking middle-class families fleeing the state in search of safety and security.

“When you champion defunding the police, the first communities that get budget cuts are low income and often minority communities,” said Collins.  “Defunding the police and soft on crime policies are merely political theater masquerading as support for black and brown communities.  In the end, these policies hurt the very communities and populations the liberal politicians claim to support.”

To turn California around, we must:

  • Enforce and prosecute those who break the law.
  • Turn every resource available on organized crime and gang activity.
  • Hold the line on releasing inmates into our communities without rehabilitation.
  • Equip law enforcement to do their job in a professional, safe manner without restraining their ability to maintain peace.
  • Increase the serious penalties what were eroded by Proposition 47.

“I love California, and know the state is worth fighting for,” said Collins.  “Our current Administration has killed the California dream, and it’s time to reverse course and empower the people for a brighter future.”

The number one responsibility of the Governor of California is to ensure that the citizens of California are safe, so that they can engage in their day-to-day activities without fear of physical harm.  Newsom has failed miserably at this most sacred of Gubernatorial responsibilities, and the ramifications for the state have been catastrophic.

“The crime spilling into more populated, affluent areas is an indicator of how bad it is every day for families in the intercity neighborhoods,” said Collins.  “It is time to send a message that crime will not be tolerated,” said Collins.

As Governor, Collins will fight every day to build a California we can be proud of. He lives in

Trabuco Canyon with his wife, Zeina, and their four children. Collins is a military officer and attorney running for Governor in California. He coaches his children’s basketball and baseball teams and is a former D-1 athlete.


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