California’s Misguided Priorities and Lack of Leadership Result in Catastrophic Impacts to Agricultural Industry

Contact: Lilly Altree

MAY 19, 2022 — TRABUCO CANYON, CA – It’s time to add agriculture to the growing list of Newsom Administration public policy failures.  From overregulation, red tape, and lack of follow-through on storage projects, Newsom has failed our agricultural community, and in turn, threatened the livelihoods and long-term viability of a once thriving California industry.

California has long been a leader when it comes to feeding the world.  The state’s nearly 70,000 farms produce over $50 billion in value and add to the rich fabric of the state and country’s history and culture.  However, instead of celebrating the contributions of our farmers and empowering them to continue being the agriculture standard for the world, elected officials in the state have chosen to heavily regulate them.

Moreover, California’s severe drought and the lack of action from our elected leaders only compounds the problem.  While voters approved additional water storage nearly a decade ago, California’s red tape has blocked these projects, resulting in years of ongoing, severe drought.  California’s lack of precipitation and leadership limit the amount of water that is stored and available for growing crops and feeding the world.

Shawn Collins’ Solution

For farmers to continue feeding our neighbors, they need more water and less regulations on growing, caring for, and harvesting their crops and livestock.  

As governor, I’ll eliminate every barrier to the construction of new water storage and conveyance infrastructure.  In 2014, the citizens of California overwhelmingly passed Proposition 1, which allocated money for state water supply infrastructure projects, such as public water system improvements, surface and groundwater storage, drinking water protection, water recycling, and advanced water treatment technology, water supply management and conveyance, wastewater treatment, drought relief, emergency water supplies, and ecosystem and watershed protection and restoration.  California needs a governor that is capable and willing to execute the will of the people.

More water allows us to meet the high demand from agricultural, municipal, and environmental users.

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